What They Say

Jenny Folley
Patient, Manila, Philippines

Hey Dr Turner,
How r u? I know I am not a good tablet taker, so I haven't been good at taking those iodine tablets. Then I started taking them again to find an incredible difference. Hair growing strong (it had been breaking and falling) and luscious, lots of energy and general looking good(...)

Dr. Murray “Buz” Susser
M.D. (H). Scottsdale, AZ

The Thyroflex represents a quantum leap in the care of thyroid disease. Many physicians know that thyroid blood tests and basal temperature levels are woefully inadequate in subtle thyroid disease. The Thyrodine measurement of body iodine synergizes with the Thyroflex to give us a dynamic(...)

Dr. Jeffery Dach
M.D. Radiologist, Hollywood FL

The noninvasive Thyroflex technology test represents the best that modern medicine has to offer while at the same time bringing back the original truths of clinical practice.

Dr. Kent Holtorf
M.D. Endocrinologist, Los Angeles CA, The Holtorf Medical center

I recently had a patient featured on the Discovery Channel about her obesity… in my opinion, if we had the Thyroflex system we would have identified the underlying cause and avoided Gastric Bypass surgery.

UAE Patient

Dear Dr. Turner,
I would like to personally begin by thanking you for your attentive attention and care when it comes to my thyroid health. While treating these kinds of disorders call for a lot of patience, I’m glad to see it come through with the use of the thyroid support supplements(...)

Patient treated by Nitek’s Hormone Specialist.

Dr Noemi is very knowledgeable and after just 3 months on NDT my energy has improved, anxiety lessened, depression gone, GI is good for the first time in years, nails stronger, more energy.... Def good quality NDT. Highly recommend.

Patient treated by Nitek’s Hormone Specialist.

Noemi changed my life. I was an old woman and now I feel younger every day. Many thanks to Bill who introduced me to Robyn and Noemi
* Dr. Noemi is one of Nitek’s consulting specialists

Jan Saxon
Medical Practitioner and Patient- Australia

Having Thyroid suffered symptoms for over 30 years, and finding there are 12 other members of my immediate family also suffering and having suffered serious thyroid issues, I went about researching Thyroid and related problems. I seemed to be able to
keep it under control with less stress and(...)

Dr. Prudence Hall
Founder, The Hall Health & Longevity Center, Venice, California

Hello dear Daryl,
I have used the Thyroflex to test thyroid function for the past seven years in my medical practice, and it has revolutionized the way I manage thyroid disease. I used to rely only on blood tests to evaluate thyroid hormone levels, but found them to correlate poorly with(...)

Patient whose life was saved by Dr. Turner

My name is Claudia. I am 22 years old and had a thyroidectomy 3 years ago. At the age of 18, I noticed an increase of weight and one year later I had gained over 40 pounds of excess weight in addition to feeling depressed and tired. I have no family history of thyroid problems therefore they(...)