Tian Run International Medical Centre Opens A New “Thyroid Management Centre” in China

It is well known that the thyroid gland is dubbed “the engine of the body,” which controls the metabolic activity of the human body and affects the function of each organ. In recent years, the incidence of thyroid diseases, especially thyroid cancer, has risen rapidly. According to recent data, it is estimated that there are over 200 million patients with thyroid diseases in China. There is a vital need for thyroid function assessment, treatment, and management of thyroid diseases.

Tian Run Medical Group aims to provide quality international medical service while committed to improving the level of medical services in Henan province. It adheres to evidence-based, innovation-centered and quality-driven services to improve the health and quality of live for its patients. With this in mind, the medical center has established its international collaboration with Dr. Daryl Turner to open a special clinic for thyroid management.

Dr. Turner is the innovator, creator, and inventor and holds and owns the intellectual property rights and worldwide patents to the Thyroflex, Thyrodine, and many other new medical breakthroughs and worldwide patents along with the Trademarks. Dr. Turner is also the founder and head of TARI – Thyroid and Adrenal Research Institute. He has developed, formulated and owns the BioPharmaceuticals and Bio Nutraceuticals.

The prescribed Medications are FDA compliant and manufactured under the FDA Compliancy system, are Peer-reviewed and published, FDA & CE approved. Dr. Turner is a Thyroid, Iodine, Adrenal and Hormone specialist. He invented, developed and clinically trialed the “THYROFLEX,” a thyroid test that accurately identifies your thyroid’s performance and the amount of thyroid medication a patient requires, plus the supporting Bio medications for the treatment of hormone imbalances. He also discovered an effective treatment for Hashimoto’s Disease.

Dr. Turner with his innovative breakthrough technologies in hormone balancing with the Thyroflex, and the Thyrodine, has resulted in special TV appearances on ‘The Dr. Phil Show,’ ‘The Doctors Show,’ ‘The Today Show’, ‘Discovery Channel’ plus many more. Leading Hormone Doctors from around the world have embraced Dr. Turner’s research, and several have written about his discoveries in their recently published books. Dr. Turner also speaks about hormone balancing at various conferences worldwide. He is keen to help others achieve optimal health by balancing hormones and improving their lives. Dr. Turner is also the founder of “The For Need Foundation” for more than 46 years.